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  • Isoterra HDPE Geomembrane

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    Isoterra HDPE Geomembrane

    isoterra geomembrane

    The Isoterra HDPE geomembrane provides a high level of safety and guarantee of waterproofing due to the excellent features and origins of the raw material used in the manufacturing process as well as the method applied for welding (heat-fusing), with the most rigorous quality, durability and strength tests.

    Prevents seepage of effluent into the soil and subsoil, ensuring thewater tightness of the various systems. Eliminates the possibility of groundwater contamination, assuring integrity and the preservation of the environment.

    The geomembrane is made using a balloon process (blow film process), which gives the best molecular orientation balance, both longitudinal and transverse, which translates into a geomembrane with excellent perforation and stretching features.

    Main features:
    Resistant to tearing, impact, stretching and UV rays as well as to numerous chemicals;
    Excellent welding properties;
    Economical solution;
    Inert material, non-toxic and 100% recyclable;
    Thermal stability;

    isoterra geomembrane